Mel Brush, State Certified Appraiser


Melvin Brush is a state certified general appraiser - that means he is qualified and re-certified every two years. Ongoing education and everyday experience combined with professional affiliations keep him abreast of the trends impacting farms in the Willamette Valley.

BS in Agricultural Business Management

Oregon State University

Appraisal Services for Critical Decisions


Brush & Associates has been serving farmers, attorneys, accountants, financial institutions and families since 1991. And more than that, the Brush family has lived and farmed in the Willamette Valley since 1939 raising horses, chickens and sheep, grass seed, forage crops and hazelnuts.

Together than means we have the professional expertise backed up by personal, real-life experience in the agricultural industry.


We understand the financial needs of the farmer, the agricultural climate of the Willamette Valley and the technical requirements of legal and financial advisors


While our experience includes 25 Oregon counties, we now focus on the five counties of the Willamette Valley:

Linn, Lane, Benton, Polk and Marion County